Kieran Blake - Undertow / a chapter from The Bends -

Téléphone Maison - Translucidopathe

Last Daze - Quantuum Hamiltonian Chaos Crystal

Uaxyacac - In Need of Your Love

Uaxyacac - Don't Let It Go

Marine Reserve - Tunnel Shaped River

Marine Reserve - Lobby

Marine Reserve - Docks

Marine Reserve - Rooms [Promotional]

Zoë Kiefl - Needs
Vidéo by Stephanie Creaghan & Sara Graorac

Kieran Blake - Think About A Love

air du son perform on a city bus in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada - 2012.

Music video for Kieran Blake's Yer Not a Sunrise, directed by Newfoundland Tack

air du son in the [framing] studio.